Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Garlic

This is my first experiment with repetition in a rhyme. I figured if any food bears repeating, it's garlic!

The Garlic

Glamorous, glorious garlic!
Your cloves are delightful to peel.
You're divine in a roast, or sprinkled on toast;
You add flavor to most any meal.

Gallant and generous garlic!
You're medicine for all that ails;
You keep blood sugar low, cure a gangrenous toe -
You're the remedy that never fails.

Gutsy and grandiose garlic!
You scare all the vampires away.
There is nothing I fear, for no soul will come near,
Since I dine on you three times a day.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Plum: Now Appearing....

My newest morsel of verse (complete with illustration!) is hanging out over at Project OpenBook. I hope you'll take a look!

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Zucchini

A quick ode to the beautiful weather. Happy Memorial Day!

The Zucchini

A zucchini in a bikini
Is truly a sight to behold!
She's often spied under sunny skies,
But rarely when it's cold.
There are those who find her imprudent,
And beg her to put on more clothes
Ignoring their cries, she averts her eyes,
And turns up her little, green nose.
Defiant, unbowed, she calls to the crowd,
"You can nag and complain 'til you're blue!
But an absence of shame is built into my name -
This is what summer squash do!"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Avocado, In Three Acts

Kind of a tragedy, but a noble one.

Avocado, In Three Acts

There is no fruit with more bravado
Than the youthful avocado -
Hard as stone, with reptile skin,
Unafraid of mice or men.

The months fly by with no remorse,
Bringing on life's "second course" -
Toughness loses its allure,
He's far more mellow, more mature.
As his insides start to soften,
He thinks about the past more often.
Was all that swagger really smart?
Is there a cold pit at his heart?

His final days are far from lush,
Since he's little more than mush.
By time's swift march, he's rendered lowly -
How else would we get guacamole?

Monday, March 14, 2011

3.14 a la Mode

Another time-sensitive oldie. Happy Pi Day!

3.14 a la Mode

Pumpkin, cherry, pee-can, pe-cahn,
Ice cream off or ice cream on,
Key lime, apple, Derby winner,
Chicken pot, served up for dinner,
Chess or chocolate, coconut,
12-inch from the Pizza Hut.
Food as math? I'm set to try it -
But 3.15 equals "diet."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ode To Daylight Savings Time

Wrote this poem 4 years ago....thought I'd dust it off today. Now that I reread, the rhyme of "lasagna" and "upon ya" doesn't quite fit - but I just couldn't resist it. Poetic license.

New material is coming SOON!

Ode To Daylight Savings Time

Have you seen my little lost hour?
Somehow she's wandered away.
I dined with her yesterday evening,
But woke up without her today.
It could be she's knitting a sweater,
Or writing a short piece of verse
She'll slip from your grasp if you let her -
Her discipline's rather the worse.
She's often spied watching Top Model
Or playing around on the 'net
It's her inclination to dawdle,
But she's really a valuable pet.
In a pinch, she can bake a lasagna,
Scrub the bathroom with nary a rest
Unsuspecting, she'll creep up upon ya
My inbox is her favorite nest.
If you find her, please tell her I'm sorry -
My word choice was careless, I see.
When I mentioned, "I've been known to kill time,"
I never considered she'd flee.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Annual Berry Reunion (for Famke - and Milla, too!)

Correction: In an earlier version of this post, I said that my granddad spoke with Milla Jovovich. Actually, it was Famke Janssen. Milla starred in the movie; Famke wrote/directed it. Granddad said they're both lovely and talented.

This poem is dedicated to Famke Janssen.

Well, let me explain.

My granddad, a retired Colonel turned actor, recently worked with Famke in an upcoming movie. Somehow, the subject of grandchildren came up. (On a wild hunch, I'm thinking Granddad initiated the topic.) In the conversation that followed, Granddad mentioned that I often compose poems about fruit.

"What's your favorite fruit?" he asked Famke.

After some thought, she replied, "Blueberries."

Showing great faith in my rhyming ability, Granddad promised Famke I'd write her a poem about blueberries. So as not to discriminate, I decided to include all berries. I can only hope Famke doesn't mind berry much. (You knew that was coming...)

The Annual Berry Reunion

At the annual Berry reunion,
Things quickly got into a jam –
Cousin Straw said that she’d bring a shortcake,
But she showed up with biscuits and ham.
Uncle Blue baked a fine plate of muffins,
But they just couldn’t brighten his mood.
He sat in a corner, quite sullen,
While Auntie Goose gobbled his food.
Sister Black spent the whole event texting,
And wouldn’t get off of her phone.
“What’s wrong with all our young Berries today?”
She caused Grandpa Elder to moan.
Grandma Cran denounced the location:
"This should have been held in a bog!"
Her cries of complaint were only drowned out
By the yowls of Pa Huckle’s hound dog.
Father Rasp did his best to deliver a prayer,
But a cold made his voice much too hoarse.
In the time that it took him to wheeze out,"Amen!"
Fruit flies polished off the first course.
In the end, every Berry was sour,
And decided that, in years ahead,
They’d skip the traditional picnic
And go apple picking instead.
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