Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ode To My Boyfriend's New Female Roommate

Jesseanna's note: A little insecurity from May 8, 2007. Epilogue - the "new roommate" was cute, but my boyfriend is now my husband. So, everything worked out.

Ode To My Boyfriend's New Female Roommate

Before you walk upon the rug,
I hope you’ll wipe your feet.
Before you cook, I hope you’ll ask:
“What would you like to eat?”
Before you go to work each day,
I hope you’ll check the lights.
Before you dump your laundry in,
Take your darks from his whites.
Before you watch a DVD,
You’ll see the volume’s low?
Before you split the bills, I hope
You’ll figure what you owe.

Before you sign the lease, I hope
You’ll take this with some salt:
I hope you’re quiet, clean, sincere, and gen’rous to a fault.
But one more wish, permit me, and I will not ask for more --
Those "before and after" photos?
...hope you look like the “before.”

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