Friday, October 2, 2009

Fruit Basket: The Watermelon - Remix

About every two weeks, my co-workers at FableVision challenge themselves to an artistic party game called "What The Doodle" (WTD). The rules are simple: 1. Click on the Random Word Generator; 2. Create multimedia to match.

This week, I joined the fun, with a poem inspired by the word "pelagic" (adj. of or pertaining to the open seas or oceans). My buddy Bob was kind enough to include my verse on FableVision's blog, Creative Juices.

The Watermelon: A Sweet and Sour Tale

The watermelon’s fate is tragic –
Despite its name, it’s not pelagic.
All day it lies with rooted plants,
Dreaming of the sea’s expanse.
It sees itself in sailor gear,
Spitting seeds from ear to ear.
A pirate of the bravest kind,
With parrots perched upon its rind!

When twilight falls, with one swift motion,
It breaks from land and joins the ocean.
With glee, it plunges o’er the dock
…and sinks more swiftly than a rock.

Sad but true, it failed to note:
All that’s “water” does not float.

(Though you might think this tale is gory,
There’s a moral to this story:
As you tear off on life’s pursuits,
It’s never bad to check your roots.)


  1. I have to make sure Brian reads this one. Excellent stuff!

  2. Anna Reid says:

    Hi Jesse!!! I will see you Christmas!!
    I love your tale.


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