Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ode To Daylight Savings Time

Wrote this poem 4 years ago....thought I'd dust it off today. Now that I reread, the rhyme of "lasagna" and "upon ya" doesn't quite fit - but I just couldn't resist it. Poetic license.

New material is coming SOON!

Ode To Daylight Savings Time

Have you seen my little lost hour?
Somehow she's wandered away.
I dined with her yesterday evening,
But woke up without her today.
It could be she's knitting a sweater,
Or writing a short piece of verse
She'll slip from your grasp if you let her -
Her discipline's rather the worse.
She's often spied watching Top Model
Or playing around on the 'net
It's her inclination to dawdle,
But she's really a valuable pet.
In a pinch, she can bake a lasagna,
Scrub the bathroom with nary a rest
Unsuspecting, she'll creep up upon ya
My inbox is her favorite nest.
If you find her, please tell her I'm sorry -
My word choice was careless, I see.
When I mentioned, "I've been known to kill time,"
I never considered she'd flee.


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